Silver Economy Expo 2019 conferences

You missed our conferences? Podcasts of all our conferences are available on replay all year round. An opportunity to benefit from the expertise of our speakers and review the challenges and perspectives of this sector. Conferences on replay here (french version only).





  • Silver Economy Expo Inaugural conference.

Tuesday 26th 11 am – 12. 30 pm / Pasteur Room

11 am – Welcome address given by Alain Bosetti, President of Silver Economy Expo

11.10 – How to make techonological and digital advances play a greater role in organisations and services for the elderly

With Mark Bourquin (strategic consultant at FHF) and Jean- Pierre Aquino (CEO of the SFGG)

11. 20 – How to make adjustments to accommodation to better suit our ageing population

With Jean -Philippe Arnoux (director of Autonomy, Saint Gobain) and Hervé Meunier (CEO of
Filien ADMR)

11. 30 – Technology and the elderly: what ethical and legal rules apply ?

With Solenne Brugère (lawyer) and Fabrice Gzil (philosopher at Espace Ethique , Paris area)

11. 40 Creating a Silver Economy in the regions

With Françoise Jeanson, Vice President of the Nouvelle- Aquitaine region and Nicolas Menet, CEO of Silver Valley

11. 50 – La Poste and Caisse des Dépôts : key players who define the sector

With Delphine Mallet, Director of Silver Economy Services at the La Poste group and Laure de la Bretèche, CEO of Caisse des Dépôts

12pm – Concluding session given by Marie-Anne Montchamp, (President of the CNSA) and Luc Broussy ( President of France Silver Eco, President of the Silver Economy sector)

The discussions will be chaired by Sébastien Podevyn, CEO of France Silver Eco


  • Silver Academy, Pitches by the 4 finalists.

Wednesday 27th 2.30- 3:30 pm / Pasteur Room

Four finalists who have ideas for projects or are start-ups or entrepreneurs will give pitches for their projects before a panel of Silver Economy professionals and an audience of start-ups or would- be start-ups, investors and players in the Silver Economy. The selection of the four finalists was based on applications, votes of internet users and the panel.

The prize is a package worth 12000 Euros for raising their profile, business coaching, and networking aimed at developing their idea and gaining publicity!

  • Silver economy and personal services, where do the business opportunities lie?

Wednesday 27th 5 – 6 pm / Sèvres Room

Would you like to trade in a sector which is essential to our society, people and economy ? If so, the silver economy and personal services are markets you should consider. Tourism, services and the latest technology, accommodation, homes for seniors, personal services, equipment for solutions and services for professionals in the sector … the opportunities are numerous.

How do you choose ? Which markets have the best potential ? How do you get started and be successful ? Entrepreneurs give you benefit of their advice and their ideas.




  • A composite picture of tomorrow’s seniors: it’s a very different picture!  

Tuesday 26th 9.30-10.30 pm / Pasteur Room

‘ Young ‘ is not a pejorative term so why should ‘ old ‘ be ? Say goodbye to sterotypes !
The silver wave which is coming is far from just being a huge demographic change. The individuals who make up the demographic trends and data are products of their time, its social movements, ideology and technology. How do the emerging new generations of seniors themselves view their lives in their old age ? The well-known ‘ baby boomers’ , who , it is said, have had it easy and are often criticized for their carefree , consumer lifestyles also broke with their traditions. How do they see their future in their old age ? In what ways are they prepared to use their financial assets in the event of losing their autonomy ? Two experts on ‘getting the most out of old age ‘ will present the main points from the Oui Care study on future seniors ( age 54- 74).


  • « So how can we help Mum ? » Reassessing seniors’ lives whilst also looking after their helpers and carers.  

Tuesday 26th 2-3 pm / Pasteur Room

It’s not possible to help people with diminishing autonomy without looking after their helpers whether they be family or professionals. Laurent Levasseur, President of Bluelinea, will provide insight into the important issues in the sector required to care for both the elderly wishing to grow older at home and their family and friends who help them on a day to day basis . Key players in the Silver Economy and the Personal Service sector will take part in the session.


  • How have some institutions managed to reduce falls by a third ?

Tuesday 26th 3.30 – 4.30 pm / Pasteur Room

Falls and wandering episodes often trigger a downward spiral of loss of autonomy and damage to health. How can you be kept informed at night immediately of these potentially dangerous situations ? It is now possible to be alerted in real time without contact with the patient in a discreet way. We will show you real cases of falls being reduced, calm being restored to units experiencing problems where the day teams have objective information.


  • What are the big organisations doing for the Silver Economy ?

Tuesday 26th 5 – 6 pm / Pasteur Room

The Silver Economy is often presented as an eldorado for start-ups. This superficial approach to the longevity sector neglects those with an important role in the sector : the big organisations. Today the Silver Economy is developing through the involvement of these big organisations who support start-ups and small businesses as essential elements of the silver economy. Big companies also play an important role in helping start ups increase their size!This conference is led by Nicolas Menet ,Director of Silver Valley and will bring together reports from big organisations and start-ups in order to help you understand what big businesses are doing for the Silver Economy



  • How can you live better and longer ?

Wednesday 27th 9.30 -10 .30 am / Pasteur Room

Living for longer and in good health is difficult but not impossible. What are the best ways of living as you grow older ? How can you adjust to all these physical and psychological changes ? How can you get the best out of life in your later years and be in good health ? Following the publication of the “ Great book on longevity’’, by Eyrolles, experts will give key insights and concrete steps for maintaining good health , living better and longer whilst being a part of society


  • For those with projects aimed at enjoying old age : Cnav offers support

Wednesday 27th 11am – 12 noon / Grenelle Room

Have you got an innovative idea for helping people live well in their older years ? Would you like to appeal to autonomous retired people ? Are you looking for advice, partners, one- off financial support ? Cnav of the Paris area has a support scheme for suppporting and co-financing innovative initiatives. The goal is to create a more inclusive society which adjusts to the ageing population. Come and meet the partners of the CNAV (Paris area) and see what advice it has about support for your projects.


  • Projects submitted to La Fondation Legrand.

Wednesday 27th 11 am – 12.30 / Pasteur Room

Every year the Legrand Foundation invites submissions for projects with the ESS (employment and supportive economy) for providing support in the home for people with diminshing autonomy. The 10 structures of the ESS nominated will pitch to be the winner by presenting before the Grand Jury and a public audience their projects with solutions for challenges encountered in the daily lives of persons with diminshing autonomy.


  • Needs and perspectives in Silver Economy careers

Wednesday 27th 12.30 – 1. 30 pm / Grenelle Room

The Libault report, the ‘ Careers in the Silver Economy, portfolio’ which was entrusted to Myriam El Khomri, the National Council of the sector ( chaired by Luc Broussy) – have referred many times this year to the careers in the Silver Economy. AFNOR Certification and Silver Valley have set up in partnership with the University of East Paris Créteil an open lab devoted to future careers in the sector. At this conference the panel will share with you the main trends which have emerged from the open lab.


  • How do you attract the 55 plus age group on line ?

Wednesday 27th 1 – 2 pm / Pasteur Room

Would you like to sell your products and service on line to seniors but you do not know how to ? How do you communicate with and make your brand known to the 55 plus age group? Messages, levers, KPI, specific client background ….come and get some essential advice. Exclusively at this conference, the results of a big study will be given and there will be a presentation of clients’ cases. Don’t miss this conference !


  • Best initiatives for better care for our seniors, as chosen in a vote.

Wednesday 27th 3.30 – 4.30 pm / Grenelle Room

At the end of 2018, 415 000 members of the public responded to the question ‘’ How can we care better for our seniors ?’’ . This big consultation which was conducted by received 18 300 suggestions, 1.7 million votes and was drawn on by the Libault report on old age. Those involved in ‘’ getting the most out of old age’’ – businesses, charities, institutions, individuals, used these suggestions from members of the public ( selected through a vote) as a basis for an action plan to care better for our seniors. Find out what is in the action plan !


  • Closing conference – Silver Economy and personal services, where do the business opportunities lie ?

Wednesday 27th 5 – 6 pm / Sèvres Room

Would you like to run a business in a sector which is of huge signifigance to our society , our people and our economy? If so, the Silver Economy and personal services are markets which you really must look at. New techonolgy, new services, accommodation and residences for seniors, personal services, food, leisure pursuits, tourism and ofcourse solutions for professionals in the sector …there are numerous opportunities. How do you decide ? What are the markets with the best potential ? How can you get started and be successful ? Entrepreneurs and experts give your their advice and share their visions.