The good reasons to participate in the Silver Economy Expo

Are you wondering why you should visit Silver Economy Expo? We’ve compiled 25 compelling reasons that will convince you not to miss this opportunity to explore and understand all the aspects of healthy aging.

Silver Economy Expo is the premier professional event for services and innovations for seniors. Whether you manage a nursing home, a senior living community, or an independent living facility, you’re committed to meeting the needs of the elderly and their caregivers. Come and explore solutions to innovate, develop, and diversify your service offerings. Discover the crucial aspects of longevity economy and pinpoint the most promising ideas to better serve your clientele. By participating in this event, you’ll gain access to a wealth of information, innovative solutions, and strategic partnerships to address the challenges of an aging population.

  • 1 Discover innovations for seniors' better living
  • 2 Identify solutions to reference and/or prescribe
  • 3 Understand all the challenges of the Aging Well economy
  • 4 Benefit from the latest analyses in conferences
  • 5 Find services that further improve the daily lives of your residents
  • 6 Network and develop useful contacts
  • 7 Better assess the expectations of seniors
  • 8 Identify innovative projects for funding
  • 9 Make the most of a true, dynamic "trend notebook"
  • 10 Listen to top experts on aging population and its challenges
  • 11 Take part in the essential meeting for all stakeholders who must integrate seniors into tomorrow's society
  • 12 Strengthen your benchmarks
  • 13 Unearth golden ideas
  • 14 Gain a better understanding of how to serve seniors in their customer journey
  • 15 Meet startups from the ecosystem
  • 16 Source solutions to enrich your offerings
  • 17 Discover trends for designing tailored solutions
  • 18 Explore innovative regional territories and initiatives
  • 19 Identify opportunities and the sector's development potential
  • 20 See what works, even on a small scale
  • 21 Better grasp the prospects of the industry
  • 22 Participate in the largest gathering focused on services and technologies for seniors and caregivers
  • 23 Benefit from shared experiences
  • 24 Choose innovations to promote the well-being of your residents
  • 25 With the Personal Services Salon, enjoy synergies and connections between the two exhibitions.