Silver Economy Expo 2018 conferences

2018 Programme of 40 conferences

You missed our conferences? Podcasts of all our conferences are available on replay all year round. An opportunity to benefit from the expertise of our speakers and review the challenges and perspectives of this sector. Listen to the podcasts (available only in french).



key events


  • Remaining autonomous longer thanks to vocal assistants and robots, what is at stake for seniors?

Tuesday 27 November, 11 am. – 12 pm.

Pasteur Room
Artificial intelligence, vocal assistants and robots will become more and more important in the lives of senior citizens. Monitoring health and activity, geolocation, alerting relatives in case of an incident, assisting in everyday life, preventing social loneliness… These technologies can safeguard the seniors’ autonomy wherever they live. But what role will they play tomorrow? What is the human dimension, in retirement homes in particular? What ethical challenges does this new form of social relationship pose? Should we worry that data protection could be violated? Our experts will answer all your questions.


  • Panel discussion:
    Multiple reforms and continuing innovations: what impact do they have on services to individuals, home care jobs and the silver economy?

Tuesday 27 november, 12.30 pm. – 1 pm.

Versailles Room
Pension reforms, professional training, tax deducted at source, GDPR, digital transformation, development of innovative services, big data, development of telemedecine: the sectors involved in adapting society to the ageing population have to meet unprecedented simultaneous challenges. How can we face these huge changes? What is the direct impact on companies, their staff and the beneficiaries? How will the various sectors (re)structure? Will there be winners and losers?

  • Fondation Legrand call for projects prize-giving ceremony.

Wednesday 28 november, 12.30 pm. – 1.30 pm.

Pasteur Room
Fondation Legrand will reward the 3 winners of its Call for projects. Theme: Enabling people with loss of autonomy to stay in their own homes. Each winner will have the opportunity to present his or her project.

The 10 nominees are :
– Morgane Deligia, AILES – La domotique, les aînés et leurs aidants
– Pierre-Marie Bozec, DEMENÂGE – Accompagnement solidaire et social à la mobilité résidentielle des personnes âgées
– Sébastien Penot, ENVIE35 – Economie circulaire des aides techniques : un accès pour tous aux aides techniques rénovées et garanties
– Bénédicte Ternynck, ESDES Inter-Générations – La cohabitation intergénérationnelle
– Stéphanie Bathie, HOPITAL SAINT JEAN – « L’archipel de répit » à destination des aidants et aidés de maladies neurodégénératives
– Ghislaine Blanchard, MIEUX ENSEMBLE – ITALI : Introduction à la Technologie pour l’Autonomie & Logement Intergénérationnel
– Stéphanie Garreta, PAPAVL MAD – Détection des signaux précoces, annonciateurs de fragilités et de pertes d’autonomie pour accompagner le Bien Vieillir à Domicile des bénéficiaires
– Martine Lehmann, SOLIHA GIRONDE – Près de chez vous : Truc(k) & Astuces
– Lucie Gandrel, SOLIHA ILLE ET VILAINE – Ateliers «Autonomise Toît ! Toutes les cartes en mains pour être bien chez soi»
– Jérôme Raynaud, VAL DE CHER SERVICES – Habitat inclusif


  • The Silver Academy: 6 finalists pitch their projects.

Wednesday 28 november, 2.15 pm. – 3.45 pm.

Pasteur Room
This must-attend final offers the opportunity to discover :
– Advice and questions from Silver economy professionals,
– 6 promising innovations,
-Winners of the categories Newcomer and Champion of this third edition.


  • Closing conference :
    Do we need to “re-invent” ageing to face the challenges of longevity ?

Wednesday 28 november, 4.30 pm. – 5.30 pm.

Pasteur Room
By 2050, France will include 20 million senior citizens, 7 million more than in 2018. Life expectancy becomes a major issue which forces us to change our views on ageing. New forms of social connections, improved mobility, more home-support services… How can we rethink the life course of the elderly ? What innovations can we develop? What is the role of Silver economy players in this economy for ageing well? How can we finance the longevity of society? How can we communicate positively to fight preconceived ideas ?


conference program


  • Brand pooling and mergers: what are the benefits and opportunities for your business?

Tuesday 27 November, 9 am. – 10.30 am.

Pasteur Room
Do you run a Silver economy business? Would you like to see your solutions distributed within a safe framework, locally and directly to your customers throughout France? Would you also like to boost your income, lower your costs and pool your clients’ experiences? Find out all the opportunities offered by brand pooling and benefit from our expert advice, so you too can become a member of Silver Alliance and help satisfy some of the 80 needs declared by retired citizens and their carers.


  • Owners of projects in favour of ageing well: the Cnav stands by your side.

Tuesday 27 november, 12.30 pm. – 1.30 pm.

Pasteur Room
Do you have an innovative idea to support ageing well? Do you wish to contact autonomous retired people? Are you looking for partners, for one-off financial support? The Cnav Île-de-France has implemented measures to accompany and help develop new initiatives. The goal: a society more inclusive and tailored for an ageing population. Come and discover the Cnav Île-de-France partnerships and the keys to support your project.


  • Financing your growth: Why, how and with whom?

Tuesday 27 november, 2 pm. – 3 pm.

Pasteur Room
Where to find the adequate financial solutions for your development project? Who should you turn to? How should you do it? Who can advise you?
With a significant number of financial and support solutions available, discover which are the most suitable to finance your growth and make it a success.


  • 2019: a year to go even further!

Tuesday 27 november, 3.30 pm. – 4.30 pm.

Pasteur Room
Launching a national debate, re-launching the silver economy sector, developing Silver Alliance, future legislation on dependency: the issues on the subject of ageing well in France have never been so numerous. Driven by a common desire to focus first and foremost on the ageing population and their families, the panel experts of this roundtable present the challenges we face in 2019.


  • 15 guidelines from pioneers of the seniors market, to (re)launch the Silver economy.

Wednesday 28 november, 9.30 am. – 10.30 am.

Pasteur Room
Are you developing your own product or service for people aged 60 and over? Are you in a major company managing a product aimed at seniors, and realise sales are not what you expected them to be? You have come up with an innovative idea you want to launch on the seniors market and the silver economy , but are foresighted enough to listen to the advice pioneer companies are happy to share before you set out ?

Since the market is extremely diverse, we can – almost – say that the vast majority of your innovations and ideas can be a success if you are willing to follow these companies’ guidelines. Come and listen to what they have to say to boost your chances of making a success of your product or service. Whether it is a launch or a re-launch.


  • Adapting homes and cities for senior citizens: what is at stake for the silver economy?

Wednesday 28 november, 9.30 am. – 10.30 am.

Grenelle Room
For seniors, living in their own home and enjoying freedom of movement in a safe and stimulating environment, are key factors to ageing well and delaying the loss of autonomy. How can we adapt homes and cities to seniors’ needs? What innovations are available to maintain their mobility and improve their environment? How can cities be a friendly place for ageing citizens? How can transport facilities meet their needs? Discover expert advice and projects.


  • How to your target the over 55’s on Internet?

Wednesday 28 november, 11 am. – 12 pm.

Pasteur Room
You want to sell your products or services online but don’t know how to reach senior customers and build their loyalty?
Reassurance, transparency, specific customer itinerary … Discover key advice to communicate and promote your brand to the over 55s. A must-attend conference!


  • How can University Research help you implement your innovation process more easily?

Wednesday 28 november, 3.30 pm. – 4.30 pm.

Grenelle Room
You are developing a new product for seniors and want to make sure it is both usable and acceptable. In order to do that users tests must be done live. The Living Lab LUSAGE, a technical platform specialised in usability study , can help you reach your goal. Reliable assessment methodology which uses video games, Smartphones, computers, applications for assistive robotics, audio and video recording systems and maintenance … what are the benefits for you? In what way can University Research help you in your innovation process? Find out how you can integrate this Lab and benefit from their expertise.