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November 2018

France is aging and innovating for its seniors: Let’s meet at Silver Economy Expo

Literature, cinema, comics and advertising give a growing share to seniors*. It’s no coincidence that our country has joined the club of aging countries. Unlike the ecological transition which depends on people (and the recent events show that it is not easy), the demographic transition overtakes us. And we must accompany it and cope with many challenges. The “historic actors of aging”, whether public or private, and start-ups try to overcome them.
Since 2013, Silver Economy Expo has been helping to promote the aging economy. It is the annual exhibition which allows professionals to discover innovations, experiments and mature solutions and make the best decisions.



October 2017

Silver Economy: The innovative sector that creates jobs to improve the lives of senior citizens has its show

Ever since 2013, Silver Economy Expo has been contributing to the promotion of the ageing population economy sector. For visitors, it has become an annual event where they can discover both mature products and services and innovations not yet on the market. They benefit from feedback on experiments and success stories to gain a better understanding of the sector.


September 2015

Silver Economy Expo, the B2B trade show for the sector with three big pluses:
helping seniors, the French economy and employment

Given an official launch in April 2013, the Silver economy industry (the sector for ageing) has a promising future.
From 24th-26th November for the 3rd year running Silver Economy Expo will be the meeting point for those engaged in the sector wanting to hook up with others.


November 2014

The Silver Economy : what potential does this industry have ? What are the innovative goods and services ? What are the keys to success in France and the export market ?

The French population is ageing: according to demographic forecasts, 20 million French people will be over 60 by the year 2030 (compared with 15 million today) i.e. almost a third of the population in France. The ageing of the population is having an effect on many economic sectors such as health, accommodation, transport and food…. and the Silver Economy market as a whole is expected to exceed 130 million Euros in France by 2020(1) i.e. an increase of 41 % in only 7 years. So the future is bright for the industry which was given a formal government launch in April 2013 by Arnaud Montebourg and Michèle Delaunay.

(1) 2013 Seniors’ market




September 2014

Silver Economy Expo’ s second year. The tradeshow for the seniors’ sector 4th and 5th December 2014, Porte de Versailles, Paris

With 15 million people over the age of 60 and the population of over-75s due to double by 2050(1), the future is bright for the seniors’ industry, which was given a formal launch just over a year ago. To help support the sector, Silver Economy Expo, the B to B ‘ Technology and services for seniors’ tradeshow, will be held for its second year at the Porte de Versailles on the 4th and 5th December this year.
By holding the Silver Economy Expo and working together with the most of the organizations which have a role in the seniors’ sector, we aim to hold an event which will boost the sector and help to develop a wide range of first class competitive services and products’ explains Alain Bosetti , manager and organizer of the show.

(1)INSEE (National institute of statistics and economic studies) 2011




September 2013

Silver Economy ExpoThe seniors’ industry is having its first
trade show !

With 15 million French people over the age of 60 and a population of over-75s due to double by 2050, the future is bright for the new seniors’ industry, launched last April by the Government ministers Arnaud Montebourg and Michèle Delaunay.
Against this background, the Silver Economy Expo, a B to B tradeshow for technology and services for seniors, is being held in Paris from the 5th to the 7th December 2013. Alain Bosetti , President of the trade show says ‘ Our aim is to help to showcase the French initiatives in the Silver Economy and to promote the exchange of ideas amongst the those involved in this ecosystem’.